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About us

Atamagai is a team of experienced IT professionals. We believe in creativity driven by passion and powered by knowledge. We know innovation is the only tool to make things better. We understand modern world, connected and mobile. We are doing our best to stay up-to-date with latest technologies.

We love what we do, and we do it by combining experience, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. As a result, we create people-centered, easy-to-use and beautiful products for the Internet and mobile platforms. That is why we are professionals with passion.

What we do

At Atamagai, we work hard to develop creative and intelligent solutions for everyday problems by combining new technologies for web and mobile platforms with proven patterns taken from real life. Thus, we are able to provide great experience for our users, wrapped in visually appealing package.

Our focus

Our focus is mainly on products and consulting services for new age of connected devices. We develop advanced mobile and web solutions for all platforms, backed up with services for seamless data integration with various back-end systems.


At Atamagai, we work hard to develop our own products and technologies.
At the moment, our main product is Smart Games – multiplatform collection of beautiful puzzle games, but it is not the only one.

Smart Games

Smart Games is the mobile evolution of the addictive timeless puzzles we all love to play.

Collection includes an ever-growing number of beautiful brain-teasing games, original questions and challenging levels grouped to excite people of all ages, in a single, aesthetically consistent and visually appealing app for all mobile platforms.

By keeping your attention and employing your talents, Smart Games magically create useful time of fun and self-improvement.


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Unique technology for content presentation in mobile apps by mimicking newspaper frontpage with leads and jumplines.


Send words and emotions in beautiful content-rich letters to your family and friends after you are no longer able to…

QuickApp Uninstaller

Simple, useful and beautifully elegant tool that helps you to uninstall unused apps from Android device.



We are ready to invest our vast multidisciplinary experience, combined with knowledge, creativity and skills, in order to help you ideate, conceptualize and plan outstanding products.


Usability, responsiveness, efficiency, consistency and clarity of software products, along with aesthetics and right information architecture, makes great experience and happy users.


Ability to quickly create fully functional prototypes, to test them on real customers, and to make educated decisions about the next steps is what makes all the difference in today’s world.


From native apps for Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices, to advanced hybrid mobile web applications for multiple platforms, we are able to provide quick and efficient solutions.


One of our strongest expertize is in development of all sorts of web solutions – from attractive websites based on various front and back-end technologies, to modern single page web applications.


You can use our experience and skills to serve as a bridge for information and knowledge, to empower your teams, and to solve your software development challenges in an efficient way.

Press info

For Smart Games press releases, screenshots, promo images and other materials, please follow the link below.

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